Getting to Know Lowell – Music Interview

lowell interview

When Vice described Candian-born Lowell as “like Grimes having a dance-off with Lykke Li. In a discoball. After one too many Capri Suns,” our attention was suitably acquired. So we checked out her debut EP, I Killed Sara V, and discovered a glittering collection of dance tracks and basement jams which also nods to Yeah Yeah Yeahs.

This is a ferocious, unrelenting, and determined artist who writes openly about topics such as sexual abuse, rape, abortion and women’s rights. Her fearless approach to creating music is hardly surprising, considering her name stems from the French origin of the word “Wolf”. She can be the leader of our wolfpack any day.

We caught up with her for a few quickfire questions, ahead of the release of her debut full-length record “We Loved Her Dearly”, which is due to hit shelves in September. You can listen to ‘I Love You Money’ from the new record here.

I am Canadian.

‘I Killed Sara V’ is a snippet of my past.

I spend too much time alone inside my head.

I’m currently listening to Timbre Timbre.

Home is on the range.

It might surprise people to learn that I can’t throw a punch.

In the future no one will love you.

‘I Killed Sara V’ is out now and her debut album ‘We Loved Her Dearly’ is set for release this September via Create/Control | Arts & Crafts. Keep up to date with Lowell on Facebook.



Interview by Bobby Townsend