Eleanor Dunlop in Sydney – Gig Review

Eleanor Dunlop Carol Bowditch headed to Brighton Up Bar to see New Brutalists supporting ex-Cameras vocalist/keyboardist Eleanor Dunlop:

The gig began with Nic Cassey singing songs that were conceived in the wildest of places, from the hilltops of the Himalayas to walking around Marrickville. He is an absolutely wonderful vocalist that played admirably as a solo act, taking turns using his acoustic guitar and keyboard.

Next were New Brutalists (pictured, below), a band that I always love to see perform live for the frantic energy that lead vocalist, Claire Price, generates. They produce dancey, thrashing beats that are paired with Claire’s vintage, honky-tonk, octave-bouncing vocals. It’s a powerful, really interesting sound from the duo. I look DSCN6333forward to their forthcoming EP, especially considering the fact that the samples I heard at the gig sounded so promising.

Eleanor Dunlop arrived on stage in a timely manner. I believe that she was the driving force of her previous band, Cameras, and am really excited to see hear her evolve as a solo performer. She did, however, play a bunch of Cameras tunes amongst her new work in the set.

Eleanor mentioned that the track Breaking Hands had been commissioned for the Twilight film series, it was exempt from the film but still featured the strength and feeling that one would expect from a moody teenage vampire series. As fantastic as it was to hear the Cameras tunes like Too Soon, Mission and an excellent stripped back version of my favourite, June, played in a live format again, Eleanor’s new solo material showed that she has grown since recording those tracks with the band. Her composition and rock elements illustrated development as a singer, pianist and performer. I loved her delicate QOTSA cover of Lost Art Of Keeping A Secret, which was completely unexpected but fitted well into the set.

Her newest track, Disguise, which you may have caught the video for in the last few months, had a subtle country vibe to it and closed a brilliant show. Let’s hope, unlike her EP release (which took a year), that her success happens soon so we can all enjoy her lovely vocals and great musicianship on a bigger scale.


Eleanor Dunlop review by Carol Bowditch