Twerking on MINI’s interactive dancefloor!

Anyone who’s ever witnessed our alcohol-fuelled flailing limbs knows it’s hardly the greatest secret that we’re particularly partial to cutting some ah-maze-ing shapes upon the dancefloor. So we were pretty darn excited to have a go on an actual interactive dancefloor. Now, let’s get one thing straight. By “interactive dancefloor” we don’t mean a d-floor filled with seedy creeps who won’t keep their dirty hands to themselves. We mean an actual interactive dancefloor. You know, one that lights up n shit when you bust some grooves.

Mini Australia hosted three unique events across Australia to celebrate the company’s biggest model launch in over ten years —the release of the all-new Mini hatch. At each event’s centre was the innovative, interactive and wildly illuminated NEW ORIGINAL MINI DANCE FLOOR, which came to life (and light) with peoples’ dance steps and movement—created in collaboration with acclaimed Melbourne artist Darren Sylvester and award-winning design practice Eness.

We don’t pretend to be as cool as the dancers in the above clip, which sees members of Burn-City Queenz, The Australian Ballet School and Culture Crew—plus a hip collection of contemporary, free-form dancers—twerk, pirouette, back-flip, leap, kick, drop, pop and lock. The music in the clip is a new track co-written by Anna Lunoe and American house music connoisseur and Fool’s Gold Records signee Treasure Fingers.

Oh, and we’re definitely not as cool as this guy.