Getting to Know Ben Newmarch


We chat to scallywag Ben Newmarch of Vivien’s Model Management about 50’s style, skateboarding and ice-blocks.

How did you get into modelling?
My Nana was always persistent and in my ear about having a go at it when I was in high school – but at that time I was (and still am) a scrawny cheeky kid who just rode skateboards. After school in 2012 I went to The States for some adventures and a few people started telling me I should start modelling – I think because I’m like 2/3 legs. Still, I didn’t take it seriously but instead used it for a good ole confidence boost. That was until I was on a bus from Arizona to LA, the bus was super sketchy, seriously like 10 scary versions of Biggie Smalls and a bunch of people that just got out of prison, as I learnt – and a row of drunken idiots in search of the Californian dream. One of the Biggie impostors decided to nuke the toilet as soon as we got on, broke the flush and turned the bus into a gas chamber. So that started a good conversation and weirdly had us all bonding in a matter of minutes. Out of the blue one of my prison buddies told me to go to LA and be a model. As weird and random as it was I actually started thinking about it. Long story short – when I got back to Aus I sent out digis and got signed. I guess Nana knows best.

What do you like about working in the fashion industry? 
The people! Ah man, I love people and meeting new people! Everyone is so groovy and nice, I loooove it.

Ben-Newmarch-portfolio-36What has been your favourite shoot so far and why? 
I did a shoot for Jamie Fame a few months ago and they had me break through the back drop and be an absolute menace for a while. I’m secretly (not so secret) a tall kid that still loves making a mess so I had an absolute ball. Plus they got me an ice block, and they’re my weak spot in life. Winner winner, chicken dinner. Oh aaaand one of my first shoots in Sydney with Zachary Duffy. Pretty much had me soaked for a good few hours and they made me look funky. I loved it.

What do you do aside from modelling? 
Run around Sydney looking for a job (hint hint, anyone), and steal the local library’s Wifi. But I ride skateboards, used to work in a tools store and can cook a mean steak.

What have been your favourite bands of 2014?
This question’s too hard. I can’t choose. There’s this band from the UK, Gorgeous Bully, and they absolutely rock. Whenever I’m at a friend’s I slip them on. I’ve had an obsession with them for a while. But deep down Jack Johnson forever wins my heart.

Did you ever go through any embarrassing fashion phases growing up? Describe your current style.
I’m still going through one (not really). I’ve got a thing for the 50s, so last year I started being public with it, but not over dramatic. My hometown is like the city to the country, the people can be a little closed minded – had a few wonky looks and words said to me. But they’re boring people, they suck. I fit in here in Sydney.

Whats your favourite item of clothing? Why?
I have the coolest hat from the Sydney bridge climb! Well I haven’t climbed the bridge but Mum did and she brought home three hats, all the same, from there and I just had to have. I adopted all three and I brought one to Sydney which I wear every day. It makes me me.

Do you have a secret talent?
I can pull really creepy faces and make friends easily. I hope the making friends thing counts as a talent otherwise I’m useless.

Interview by Carol Bowditch. Check out Ben’s portfolio at Vivien’s.