Semi-Permanent – Art Event Preview

semi permanent 2012

Here at we like to cover all your event bases so you don’t have to trawl the internet yourself. Today, we present to you Semi-Permanent: an event in Sydney that all you creative types should pen into your maroon Moleskine diaries right now.

Semi-Permanent is an offshoot mini festival operating under the wing of VIVID festival of light, music and ideas. Its purpose is to expose ideas on topics of design, art and creativity, to other artists, writers, and anyone really, with an interest in the evolution of cool shit progressing from an idea into a product/campaign/image/whatever. This sharing of knowledge will occur through workshops, screenings, lectures and the like.

banksySo if you’re already halfway-to buying your ticket, just wait until you hear about the keynote speakers – it’s not just your average washed up art  history teacher, nuh-uh! This year the lineup includes will include half-pipe slayer and general ledge, Tony Hawk along with long-time friend and former Aus. skate-boarding champion, Corbin Haris, who will chat to about how he built his personal, Hawk brand (I’m not sure he will talk about this Simpsons episode, but it’ll sure be a good listen). Alongside Tony Hawk in the lineup will be Mr Brainwash, whose name may be familiar to those fans of Exit Through the Gift Shop. The controversial artist will be speaking on his progression as an artist after that documentary was released, and his connection with with the elusive graff master, Banksy.

The diverse lineup of Semi-Permanent extends with Australian TV media icon, Andrew Denton, who will be talking on the topic of JOMO (the Joy of Missing Out) as a reaction of FOMO (the Fear ….). With more of a literal visual arts background, artist Tara McPherson and photographer, Cheryl Dunn will also be showcasing their talents to punters through interesting presentations.

Tickets range from the $120 student day ticket to the all inclusive, mega-lux $3000 platinum package. It kicks off on May 22nd, (a day before VIVID officially starts lighting up Sydney) and runs to the 24th. Carriageworks in Redfern, Sydney is home to Semi-Permanent. For more info about the event, have a look at the Semi-Permanent website. See you there!