Listen: Kimbra makes 90’s Music

I’ve been championing sartorially magnificent, lung-busting, Australia-based New Zealander Kimbra since I first laid ears upon her debut album, Vows. Since then I’ve played that record to death. So it’s exciting that she’s back with some new material. 90’s Music is a cheeky first taste of her forthcoming second record and it’s not exactly what anyone was expecting.

90’s Music is boundary pushing, strange as hell and … well… its sound is… erm… pretty much entirely indescribable. Seriously, try and and slot this single into a genre and it will punch its way out and slap you hard across the face. First listen, you’ll be all like “say whaaaa?” Second listen, ditto. But something will make you return for more nibbles on this slice of weirdness with an extra helping of weird. It’s been on repeat here for about an hour now and I’ve come to the conclusion that it’s totally awesome. Even if it did make my brain melt a bit. If her new album is this exciting then it’ll be amazing.

The above video is equally bonkers, with Kimbra adopting a series of different – and all brilliant – looks. Check it out.

Now, I’m off for a lie down in a dark room while I try to make sense of what I’ve just heard/seen.



Words by Bobby Townsend