Help Fanny Lumsden make her album

When we spoke to Fanny Lumsden & the Thrillseekers a while back, they described themselves as a folk-a-hillbilly outfit that’ll give you a toe-tapping, gun-slinging live show both as sweet as homemade jam and raucous as a howling midnight hoedown. Having seen them play live on a number of occasions, that description seems entirely accurate to us.

Well, now we are looking forward to the debut album from the Australians. The band, though, need your help to get it into people’s ears. They are jumping on the Pozible bandwagon and are offering up some pretty fantastic rewards to anyone who throws some dosh their way.

Along with the usual Pre-Sale CDs, Truckers Caps, Digital Downloads and music lessons you can also pledge for a Weekend at the Farm in the Snowy Mountains where you will be wined, dined & entertained (w/ Music and Bush Poetry) and fed by campfire light, taken horse riding, on BBQs in the bush and loads more. There are also House Concert options, Fanny Packs, Writing sessions and Fanny’s Little Farm packs which include pimping up your garden or lack thereof.

So throw them some bones here, and if you want to see what all the fuss is about, then the Aussies amongst you can catch Fanny & the Thrillseekers on tour in July. They have recently announced they’ll be heading off on their third Country Halls tour through the Riverina. The past two tours have helped raise funds for Blazaid & upkeep for the Halls so not to stop there, the band have announced that if their campaign reaches past their goal they will be donating $2,000 to ‘Buy a Bale’ to help out farmers struggling with drought.

Tour dates and wotnot can be found at Fanny’s new website, and you can support the Pozible campaign HERE.