Temples live at The Metro Theatre, Sydney


British-based Temples made their Australian debut recently. We sent Carol Bowditch and Joel Anderson along to the Sydney show:

I have so much respect for this band. Even though they produce music that we’ve heard Kevin Parker nail and make serious buck$ off over the last few years, Temples are riding the psychedelic success wave after only forming in 2012 and only releasing their debut record in February of this year. Kudos, Temples, you enjoy that Carton Dry as you tour major venues in a country on the other side of the world.

temples liveThe internet being a leading cause in their success, their track, Shelter Song, which is featured on their newly release LP, pricked ears back in November 2012 after an upload to Youtube. A couple of years later, after the young band had supported other skinny-legged Brit rockers including Suede, The Vaccines and Mystery Jets, Temples were doing their headlining thing at one of Sydney’s larger music venues on a Friday night.

The band shyly took to stage, all covered in tight-fitting, 60s-inspired garb. The lead vocalist, James Edward Bagshaw, has an exaggerated curly mop of hair that may not be tamed, and will be greatly envied by all. Covering the majority of his face, he belted out psych ballads with multi-octive ability and flashed his sparkle-covered eyes each time he flipped his head shag pile.

Between performing hits from their record, such as Move with the Season and Keep in The Dark, Bagshaw exclaimed his gratitude and bewilderment that he was performing in Australia to thousands, considering their debut record was only released worldwide in February.

Although their music may have audiences divided due to the fact that they are borrowing extensively from British 60s pop and psych greats, the sound, albeit a little cleaner than Revolver, and a little tamer than Fresh Cream, is really pleasing.

I’m sure audiences will agree when the band take to stages across Europe throughout the Summer. You can view their extensive tour schedule here.



Temples live review by Carol Bowditch. Temples live photos by Joel Anderson. For a full photo album, including shots of support acts The Tsars and Deep Sea Arcade, go to our Facebook page