Head Someplace Else

Director Riley Blakeway’s new short documentary is worth watching for numerous reasons. Firstly, it features none other than somethingyousaid contributor, ludicrously talented artist and model Rose Ashton. Secondly, it makes the Mexican coast look as beautiful as you imagine it to be. So if you haven’t got the money for an airfare to Mexico (and who has, after the latest budget, right?), then just let this pretty video wash over you for 12 minutes instead. But it’s not just our Rose and the magnificent scenery that makes it worth a look…

Corona’s artist residency on the road in Mexico also features Hanni El Khatib, Ozzie Wright, Dylan Graves, Jeff Canham and Andrew Brophy. This eclectic group of individuals piled into a transporter bus for seven days and seven nights, travelling the coast, meeting locals along the way, eating, drinking and living the Mexican culture. Their mission was to find common threads and bond creatively. Safe to say, mission accomplished.

So check out the Someplace Else clip, above, where you can hear Hanni El Khatib making sweet music, admire Andrew Brophy’s fully sick skating skills and daydream about drinking cold beers in Mexico.

This editorial was sponsored in partnership with Corona Extra.