Interview: Brisbane band Salvadarlings


We caught up with songstress Ashley Goodall of dreamy, psychedelic Brisbane-based six-piece Salvadarlings for a quick but enlightening chat ahead of their debut Sydney performance this Thursday:

Tell us about where and how you produced your EP, Primary Feels. Did you work with anyone during the process? It sounds mad!
We worked with our friend George Carpenter at his studio. This is the first EP that we’ve recorded, so It was an interesting experience in itself.

Your newest track ‘After Nightfall‘ Is pretty upbeat. Do you prefer to sway or bounce when you make music?
I’m not sure, everything tends to vary from song to song usually. I think a lil bit of both.

I saw that a couple of your songs were used on a Tony Hawk promo video. Do any of you skate? It must have been pretty awesome having your songs play while he fed giraffes carrots regardless, right?
Haha. I think some of the boys skateboard sometimes. The giraffes were a highlight.

How has the tour been going?
We played our first show at Black Bear Lodge in Brisbane and had a really great time. We go down south on Thursday and are all looking forward to it.

We’re psyched for your show on Thursday at The Forresters. Do you guys come to Sydney often? How do you like it?
Yeah it should be really fun. We’ve never played in Sydney or anything so it’s exciting to go to some new places.

You have some pretty cool lyrics. Do you pull them from the wind while jamming, or how are you doing that?
Usually we’ll name a song before the lyrics are written and then I write a story about the name.

Your video for ‘Positive Energy‘ is rad. Where did you find all the weird clips?
Ryley (guitar) and I worked together to make the video and found ourselves searching for 80’s Japanese soap commercials and gymnastics.

What would you do with your luck dragon if you befriended one?
Cut it up in to six little pieces so everyone in the band has good luck.

Tell us what’s next from here for you guys?
After the tour we’re going to finish the next set of songs to start recording.

You can see SALVADARLINGS live in Sydney, supporting Doc Holliday Takes the Shotgun at the Foresters on Foveaux Street this Thursday the 29th of May. Details here

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Salvadarlings interview by Jamhound