Interview: Drunk Mums hit the road

drunk mums interview

We can say with some authority that Drunk Mums, the Cairns-turned-Melbourne garage punk-wits, are quite possibly the nicest band ever. In addition to writing catchy lo-fi bangers, drawing local and international attention and putting on ripper live shows – the five piece are also fucken top blokes. And, as Something You Said’s Bianca Cornale recently discovered, they even let stranded Sydneysiders inhabit their bandroom when Melbourne accommodation falls through. Bianca caught up with them over an email and some tinnies, to shoot the shit about their upcoming tour for newest single ‘Plastic’. And just like the band itself; their conversation was fun, wild, charming and ramshackle:

Can you tell us where you are right now and what you can see other than my obnoxious email?
We are at Adam’s (Ritchie – bass/vocals). It’s a triangle shaped house with a perspex roof. In front of us are some tinnies.

Please us what typically ensues at a Drunk Mums show.
Nervous shits, Isaac (Forsyth – tambourine) vomiting due to exhaustion, actual Drunk Mums that want to join the band and extreme facial expressions.

What’s different about this string of shows compared to previous tours? Why should us lazies get out of bed for this one?
Our set is made up of new, unreleased songs that you can wrap your ears around. We’ve started switching instruments and giving each other a go at being a frontman. We’ve also got our mates WOD coming along for the tour which adds an even more boisterous appeal.

For those yet unfamiliar, how would you describe WOD’s schtick?
WOD is the lead singer’s nickname, given to him at Miami High in the Gold Coast for being the biggest little shit. Jake (Doyle – guitar/vocals) and Johnny (Badlove – drums/vocals) created a band with him and his best mate Jimmy G, all because WOD wanted to be the most raucous lawbreaker in rock n roll.

Also Kremlings, Rayon Moon and Miss Destiny have been jumping on stage at a few shows. Top choices. Melbourne’s always had the edge over other Australian cities musically, so what are some of your other local favourites playing right now?
We discovered a band called DRIBBLE on Monday while they were supporting THEE NODES (of Canberra). Next level FLIPPER styles, IT’S JUNK NOT PUNK. We really dig WET BLANKETS too. The singer and songwriter is only sixteen and makes us want to quit music because he is too good already.

Jake did some filming at the last Kremlings show I saw, what other special skills are you guys hiding behind your ruse of dumb-fuck-punk? Ps: Dumb-fuck-punk is a complement.
Dean (Whitby – guitar/vocals) owns a Kodak shop in Port Melbourne (Yuppiville), Adam records bands under his PISSFART label, Jonny works the street and Isaac is a poet.

Next month you’re playing a show with shredding UK band The Bohicas. This question is a two-parter:
1. C
an I crash in your bandroom while I’m in Melbourne for this show? Because there is no way I’m missing it.
And 2. What do you think it is about Australian garage/punk that differentiates it from international exports?

1. When you say crash do you mean sleep? Because I recall last time you pushed the 60-hours-with-no-sleep barrier. YOU’RE MORE THAN WELCOME! YR EGGPLANTS ARE STILL IN DA FRIDGE!!! (I was going to make an extravagant “thanks for having me” dinner but then fell asleep right before I started cooking, thus tripping over the 60-hours-with-no-sleep barrier).
2. The accent and humour definitely plays a part in the unique sound Australia has to offer.

And speaking of crashing, are you dudes still staying at my place in Sydney? Bedding might be an issue unless you’re all okay with sharing a single mattress. What’re the bleakest conditions you’ve ever made do with on tour?
Yeah that would be sick if we could stay at your house. Any house or floor would be great because last time we went to the Gold Coast we forgot to book accommodation, tried to crash someone’s hotel room, got kicked out, followed some bird to her friend’s house, they told us to “fuck off ya weirdoes” and then had to sleep next to an exhaust fan in an underground car park that cost us as much as a hotel room.

Besides Drunk Mums, you guys have a few side projects in the works too; WOD, Fermunted, and I saw Johnny doing a cover of Hole in the garage a few weeks ago. What makes these projects different from the collective group and what’s the importance of changing it up every now and again?
Adam plays in glam-punk band THE ANGELAND BABY CHAIN, murder-punk band RED RED KROVVY, rank-punk band FERMUNTED, weirdo bedroom music UNDERWATER BROTHEL and synth-punk band DUNGEON MASTER POSSE. Jonny plays in a comedy rock band CHARGING STALLION and also in rock’n’roll band WOD with Jake.

As you can see by these descriptions there is no need for more explanation of their differences and importance.

When are you cats going to head overseas and how quickly would it be into an international tour before you got deported?
Who knows aye? Hopefully next year. Gotta check out the rest of Australia first. We promise to be on our best behaviour and do Aussies proud (not).

What are you planning to work on this year after the tour? Or will your recovery time exceed 2014?
As much shit as poss! We have an album out at the end of the year and one tour inbetween that too. Doesn’t take us long to recover, especially when you get the hair of the dog!

If you happen to be in Aus, then be sure to make friends with Drunk Mums when you check them out on the ‘Plastic’ tour:
Thu 29 May – Frankie’s Pizza By The Slice – Sydney 
Fri 30 May – The Small Ballroom – Newcastle
Sat 31 May – Cherry Rock – Sydney
Sun 1 June – Freda’s – Sydney
Sat 7 June – Trainspotters – Brisbane
Fri 13 June – The Loft – Warrnambool
Sat 14 June – Ed Castle – Adelaide



Drunk Mums interview by Bianca Cornale.