Gary Page releases charity album

gary page pressure contributor Gary Page has just released an album and is donating proceeds to charity. We got him to tell us more:

Having written quite a few reviews over the last few years, I must say it was difficult to get started writing about my own project and I was unsure how to begin.

The release of my album ‘The Age of Constant Pressure’ did have a slightly unconventional conception and recording process, so maybe the world would be interested in that? Oh, and I plan on giving the money I make away to charity. I guess I could start there.

Giving the money away? Crazy I hear you say. But yes, proceeds from the sale of the album will go to I’ve never been much of a money kind of guy and I’d probably only end up spending it on a crazy cake and biscuit binge. Also, I am acutely aware that beyond supportive friends and family, my audience could probably fit into a telephone box. So getting my music heard by a receptive audience and raising money for a charity that’s dear to my heart seems a good, beneficial pairing.

Going back in time, the idea to record an album of new songs started out in the run up to New Years Eve, 2012 while on holiday with friends. One evening the subject of New Year’s resolutions came up and we came to the conclusion that none of us had ever committed to this age old tradition. My resolution was modest but still a stretch as I’m not known for my motivation. I pronounced to my friends that I would record one new song a month.

Once back on English soil I strapped on a guitar and armed with a few new (and slightly older) songs, I set off on my year long recording odyssey. Before I knew it, twelve months had passed and twelve songs had been recorded in my spare room that masquerades as a recording studio. I must say if any musicians are reading this, imposing a deadline on yourself really gets you focused on completing the job in hand.

When it came to compiling the album track listing, I made the editorial decision to leave out two songs as they didn’t quite fit in with the context of the album. I think the old cliche of ‘less is more’ applies to the finished ten-track CD. Considering how it was produced, through 12 separate bursts of recordings, I’m very proud of the resulting record.

As I was putting the finishing touches to the last song of my recording challenge in the run up to Christmas 2013, a close relative sadly lost their battle with cancer. I was touched by the care and support given by the staff at Macmillan Cancer Support. It got me thinking about what I could do to pay back the unwavering support they gave my family. So putting out the songs as a physical album really started to gain momentum in my mind. I spoke to friends and family about whether it was a good idea and I received a resounding, supportive thumbs-up.

After taking a small fraction of the cost to get the album mastered and a man to properly manufacture it, I’ve got my fingers crossed that I will sell out the run of 100 CDs and make well over £300 for a great charity.

The plan is to keep people updated through email, social media etc as to when I give Macmillan donations. Or maybe I’ll get one of those massive, comedy cheques and go to Macmillan’s head offices with everyone who was kind enough to contribute in tow. In that spirit, I can honestly say it has been a fun, rewarding, stress free way to make a new album and release it to the world.

Details of how to buy the CD are here.

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Words by Gary Page