How to host a kickass casino party


If you enjoy the excitement of gambling but are understandably keen to avoid losing your last dime while doing so, you might wanna consider hosting a casino-themed party. Not only is this a great method of gambling relatively risk-free, but it’s an awesome way of gathering your mates together in the name of fun.

A casino party means your evening doesn’t have to be a gamble. With good intentions and proper planning, you too can enjoy the thrills of Sin City without leaving the front door. To make sure your house doesn’t end up looking like something off the set of The Hangover, here are a few easy guidelines to help you along the way.

What comes to mind when you hear the mention of a casino party? Are you under the impression that you don’t need a theme? Big mistake! There are so many different casino elements to explore.

There’s the option of choosing glitzy Vegas-style theme, a Texas Holdem-style Poker party with cards, chips and a perfect playing surface, or a Casino Royale theme oozing class and sophistication. Whatever you choose, if you follow through on your theme, you’ll knock the socks off your guests before the party even begins.

It’s not rocket science, once you’re done selecting your theme you’ll need to apply it to all your invitations. Don’t compare this the ordinary parties you’ve thrown in the past, practice common courtesy by providing your guests with a heads-up on what to expect in your invitation.

Now that you’ve decided on a killer theme and your invitations are good to go, start turning your party space into the ultimate casino. Avoid burning a hole into your pocket by hiring overpriced casino decor by making the best of what you have at a fraction of the cost. How? Well, you can start by covering ordinary tables with red black and green coloured tablecloths to give it an authentic casino feel.

Unless you’re rolling in the dough, you can organise fake money to make things look convincing. And to complete the look you can throw in other props like lights, chips, cards, buckets for winnings, keeping in mind that there won’t be a grizzly bouncer at the door, keep a rulebook to avoid things from getting out of hand.

What to get up to
You’re hosting a casino party, brainiac! Finding activities to keep you and your guests occupied shouldn’t be too much of a mission. You can hire out a company to bring casino games to your venue and offer a variety of games for your guests to play. Alternatively, if you’re the DIY type, get creative by setting up different zones for poker, dice games, roulette, and simple card games. You could even set up a computer where online gambling enthusiasts can play Euro Palace Slots.

What’s a casino without a massive selection of drinks? We’re not talking about a few cans of beer and boxed wine. Never, ever, in the history of Casinoville, has there ever been a shortage on drinks supply. Even if you visit a rundown casino in an abandoned town, you’re likely to be spoiled for choice with alcohol. From wine to champagne, brandy to whisky, stock up on it all and your guests are bound to stay in the mood.

Follow this guide and your party will most likely become the subject of many future conversations.