The Lonely Pavements – by Chloe Coles

Homeless woman, by Chloe Coles

Chloe Coles is an Australian model/artist/writer who has recently relocated to London. She has certainly encountered some interesting characters in her first few weeks on the lonely pavements of the city, and has been capturing them in words and pictures. We’re featuring a couple of them here:

Above is a homeless woman that I met at Leicester Square: “If you love them, then marry them. Life’s too short to do anything else. Nothing else matters in the world but being with the one person that you love. I’m watching my partner die at the moment and I wish I could’ve said we married and ran away together. Once I lose him, I lose the only thing I ever owned. Love.”

Below is Banjo.


Words and pictures by Chloe Coles. Read our interview with Chloe here. She is represented by by Vivien’s models in Australia.