Getting to Know Milky Chance

Germany-based Milky Chance have garnered over 38 million hits on Youtube with their blend of singer-songwriter folk, which has elements of reggae and electronica. They’re a band you clearly need on your radar, so we asked them to tell us a little more about themselves:

Milky Chance are two boys from Kassel, Germany. We met during college and played together in a band before we started this project. Behind the name “Milky Chance” is no deeper sense – it just sounded good to us.

“Sadnecessary” is our first album and the result of spending time in a small room in my parents’ house to record those songs. We simply wanted to produce them to show them to our friends. We uploaded them on YouTube and everything got started. The title “Sadnecessary” describes the feeling of the whole album; being a mixture of both melancholy and happiness combined. You can dance to most of the songs.

Home is Kassel, where we grew up and all our friends and family are living.

We discover a lot of music while on tour in different countries. We are trying to see as many bands as we can when we are playing at a festival for example, so we are always finding new music we didn’t know before. But on our playlist at the moment are Ben Howard, James Blake, The Tallest Man On Earth and Flume for example, beside a lot of classics of course.

We spend too much time in the tour bus. Playing concerts and seeing other places is great but the whole travel part is sometimes really exhausting.

In the future we’ll come and see a lot of countries we’ve never been to so far, for example Australia. Really looking forward to it!

Milky Chance’s debut album Sadnecessary is released in Australia on June 20, 2014 via Neon/Universal. The duo is currently touring Europe. Check their dates on Facbeook.

bobby townsend


Interview by Bobby Townsend.