Buzz Kull interview for VISIONS


James Booker chats with Marc Dwyer from Sydney band Buzz Kull ahead of the VISIONS party at The Standard Bowl (which is happening tonight, Sydneysiders).

So are you psyched for your show at VISIONS tonight, mang?
Yeah man. I haven’t played a proper club night like that for a while. The last one we played was at Oxford Art Factory with The Upskirts and Black Zeros. There are so many small bars having shows, and underground warehouse parties going on as well. There’s more of a healthy blend with shows in Sydney now, so I think people are more inclined to go to the institutionalised shows too. I’m actually really excited for VISIONS. I like Hotmosh with their zine and now the magazine, the fact Nick from Deep Sea Arcade is involved as well makes it feel like more of a clique than just one or two people putting on a monthly night.

Tell me about some of the warehouse venues you’re excited about.
I really like Sashimi and Cosmos, both in Marrickville. We played a show at a place just behind my new house in Surry Hills near the Belvoir Theatre. It’s a really cool gallery space and Spirit Valley held a party there. It’s a really cool-sized room and it packed out, even though it was a rainy night.

Speaking of packed out, tell us about playing with GARY NUMAN at The Metro.
It was great and weird. It really caught me off guard. It was a name that I would never expect to see in my emails, I thought it was a spam email the first time I read it because of the way it was written. It started out with “CONGRATULATIONS! You’ve been offered the support for the Sydney Gary Numan show!” I was a bit dusty as we’d played a house party with Spirit Valley the night before. I confirmed the show but didn’t tell anyone, I didn’t believe it until I got sent the posters, haha!

We played a cover of Blue Monday on the night and, after the show, a heap of British old boys came and said it was great. I didn’t get a chance to meet him after the show unfortunately but I saw him watching us side-of-stage, so I felt pretty content with how everything went down.

Did you party with Holy Fuck when you supported them?
Holy Fuck are really good friends of mine from years back. I’m their tour manager for Miseltone, who tour and release Holy Fuck’s Records in Australia, so every time they go on tour I go around with them. This latest time they came over they got us to support them as well.

How was your American Tour last year?
We toured the West Coast, it was meant to be the East Coast as well but halfway through the tour West Coast leg we got offered the Japandriods supports for their Sydney show. I was trying to toss up whether to finish the American tour or head home and when I saw that all the Japandroids shows had sold out I decided to go with that. It was the first big crowd we’ve ever played to, before Gary Numan.

The West Coast American tour was really cool though, each show was really well taken care of. They we’re all quite small venues but they all packed out so I was really happy.

Any awesome bands you remember playing with in particular?
This great band from New York called Black Marble and also a band called Red Red Red from San Francisco.

You can see Buzz Kull play tonight (Saturday 14th June) at The Standard Bowl in Sydney, for more details check the event page. Buzzkull are in the process of writing an album, you can check out their current recordings here

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Buzz Kull interview by Jamhound