Passenger, Whispers – Album review

Passenger, Whispers

Listening to Whispers, the new longplayer from Brighton-born chart topper Passenger, I could forgive my partner for asking if this was the new James Blunt album. The two have a very similar style. Although Blunty gets a bit of a bad press (musically, at least – he wins at Twitter), I’ve been a huge fan since You’re Beautiful, even going to see his arena tour back in 2008. So, I mean that as a compliment.

Whispers was perfect for unwinding in the bath, the English summer sun streaming in through the window. It’s a kind of one man and a guitar affair (with a few other sounds mixed in). Upbeat tracks like the opener Coins in a Fountain, reminded me of holiday for some reason and is definitely a toe-tapper. The lyrics in Rolling Stone also really – without wanting to resort to cliches – spoke to me. I could imagine Michael Rosenburg (Passenger) sat on a beach somewhere penning it. Although it’s clearly a really personal song, it’s also relatable; everyone has felt lonely in a room full of people at some point.

Maybe some of Passenger’s success can be placed with his relatability. Reports scattered on the internet all tell the same story about a down-to-earth musician who hasn’t been changed by the chaos of fame.

I love the idea that the songs have been played and played while Passenger gigged around the world and that they’ve evolved that way. There’s something very honest and organic about them, which is becoming a rarity. And he’s not a one trick pony (more like a one man band). As well as vocals on the album, Rosenburg plays instruments from guitar to glockenspiel.

His talent seems never ending and the sixth studio album comes with a big thumbs-up.

Check the new video for Scare Away The Dark below: 

Whispers is out now via ie:music / Inertia



Passenger, Whispers review by Laura Ghafoor.