Music: SHAKY HANDZ EP- Sick Later


The new recording from Sydney-based band Shaky Handz sounds like that feeling you get when you go skating after eating a shit-tonne of Hungry Jacks, it churns and turns in your stomach until you sweat it out and throw it up mid kick-flip.

I watched SHAKY HANDZ play as a support for my band a couple of weeks ago at The Foresters in Sydney and it was totally awesome, I ran up the stairs with the excitement of a schoolboy after the recess bell has rung – “What’s this band? they sound hysterical!!” sure enough the room was hectic as all hell when I got up there.

The band make dirty-ass, garage punk and are shoplifters for sure. They played jumping up and down on stage to their ballin’ chord progressions. It was all excess – too loud, the boys we’re too rowdy for the support band and the antics between songs we’re too hilarious. I dealt with it and had fun, so did everybody else in the joint. SHAKY HANDZ are like: “fuck context, me do my own thing all the time, anywhere!”

Their new single Sick Later is totally rad and you’re a noob if you’re not down with it. I was told they recorded their new EP over two days, using a Casio keyboard for beats, Tascam tape recorder and some shitty microphones. I don’t find this hard to believe at all. When I first got the Bandcamp link it I thought something had fucked up with the upload process cos it sounds like the Final Cut had been time stretched to half speed. You might find it weird at first but the sound sums up the bands’ sweaty skater punk scene vibe so perfectly. This is bedroom production at its gnarliest, mang.


SHAKY HANDZ are playing Sydney’s Brighton Up Bar with The Creases this Friday the 27th June. Check them out here on their Bandcamp (and listen to the full EP) and find them on Facebook too here.

james booker

Words by Jamhound.