I Heart Sharks – Getting to Know

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Following their self-made, fan-funded first album, I Heart Sharks have just unleashed their latest EP. It was recorded in a disused textile mill in Manchester and in the former GDR radio headquarters in Berlin, and features a remix from Skrillex protégé Etnik. We asked the band to tell us more about themselves:

I Heart Sharks are a big mixture of different people from different places. Pierre is from London, Simon grew up in New York, and Martin is from deep, dark Germany.

To Be Young is about life not being something that happens whilst you’re busy making other plans.

Berlin is a playground for grown-ups.

We spend too much time in the tourbus somewhere on the autobahn in Europe, dreaming about being in the studio.

We are currently listening to a lot of Crystal Fighters, Wu Tang and The National.

It might surprise people to learn that we have nothing to do with sharks.

In the future we would like to tour around the UK and South America, and eventually find a cure for restlessness.

To Be Young’, the debut EP from I Heart Sharks, is out now. Buy it on iTunes. The band are playing a bunch of European shows and festivals over the summer. Check out the dates on Facebook

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Interview by Bobby Townsend.