Dream Lake – Let Us Stay In The Light


Ethereal, weightless and infinitely charming, Dream Lake’s latest single ‘Let Us Stay In The Light’ perfectly encapsulates my rose-tinted vision of Sweden.

“We are the ones that will make it shine”

Dream Lake is the Swedish dream-pop duo comprised of Isabella Svärdstam and Niklas Willar Lidholm. Tinged with heavy melancholy and wistfulness, their latest single is the perfect song to put on a rainy afternoon, spent lying on the couch with your eyes closed, thinking about days past.

“We’re floating in the sea”

Well, that is precisely what I did. The song takes me back to my time spent in Gothenburg, Sweden, unforgettable days that marked the best five months of my life. The song is at once beautiful, uplifting and also slightly haunting. The weightless vocals fills me with a heavy, intoxicating dose of nostalgia. As I close my eyes, it almost seems like a dream, too precious and perfect to be real.

“Let us stay in the light”

A sense of eternal longing, combined with the resignation of its inevitable end, is what makes memories so powerful. And this song captures that feeling precisely. I want to always stay in the light. Always.


desmond chan


Words by Desmond Chan.