Los Tones, Ordinary Man – Music Video

Sydney-based garage-rock band Los Tones just dropped their latest video clip, which was directed by Something You Said contributor/cowboy Oliver Heath. So we thought we get the lowdown on the clip from the director himself:

What inspired the video? Is there a Bohemian Rhapsody vibe going on… if Bohemian Rhapsody had been filmed in a badass biker bar…
The badass is just their natural mojo. I bought those prism lens filters years ago at a camera fair, it’s proper old glass. I pulled them out to shoot some stills of the boys on a whim while we were on tour that became their single cover. I definitely thought Bohemian Rhapsody at the time.

How did your collaboration with the band come about?
Shaun “Milk” Sprowles, the bass player, had the idea to shoot a whole video like this after he saw the stills, he works in film so we did it as a collab. This one was planed for half-an-hour over a pub dinner and shot in two hours at a practice studio. The next one is going to be even whackier, who knows we might spend an hour planning it.

There’s some good moustaches on display here. Who owns your favourite facial hair of all time?
As an Aussie I’d have to say Ned Kelly, as a religious man I’d have to say Lemmy.

That bit where lightning bolts come out of the guitar is cool. That’s what Emperor Palpatine’s guitar would be like. Talking of which, are you looking forward to the new Star Wars film, or do you think it will it be shit?
Yeah it was sweet. Nick is the only dude in the band who is single so we need the ladies to know how mighty and electric he is. The new Star Wars film will be great, and it’d have to be better than the last three. My criticism of JJ’s Star Trek is that it was more like Star Wars the Star Trek. He’ll lord at this.

Tell us one interesting fact you learned about working on this vid…
You can get $3 beers at the practice studio. The boys were buying, but value always tastes delicious. Because they were making savings I didn’t feel too greedy demanding a candy bar also.

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