Support White Ribbon Night

white ribbon

Much as we pretend to be party-animals here at, the truth is we’re always looking for any available excuse to stay home of an evening and watch Seinfeld repeats in our trackpants. So hooray for White Ribbon Night, which is here to offer an especially good excuse to not to go out.

White Ribbon Night aims to help raise awareness and funds to stop men’s violence against women. This year, White Ribbon Night falls on Friday 25 July and we encourage you to join communities across Australia to unite in support of bringing an end to violence against women by having a night in to get the word out.

You can invite two people or 2,000 to your movie night (btw, if you can fit 2000 people in your house, then you either have a very big house or very small friends), you can host a games night, dinner party, watch the footy with mates… anything really.

In Australia, 1 woman dies every week by a current or former partner. All funds raised by your night in will go towards supporting research and prevention activities aimed at driving social change that result in men’s violence against women.

Register online NOW to receive a fun-pack filled with family-friendly games and trivia! Registration is free.

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