Sara Grabek interview and new track

Sara Grabek

We catch-up with producer/DJ/artist/model Sara Grabek to listen to her latest sounds and to find out what else she’s been up to:

Hello Sara. It’s been a while since we last spoke. How is 2014 treating you thus far?
It’s been a while indeed. A lot has changed as well. I got signed to Anti Agency not long ago and I’ve been getting busy with music projects, so there’s a lot of to look forward to.

Tell us about your new track…
I prefer to let the music do the talking really… it’s all an experiment.

Talk us through your music-making process. Do you have one particular method of making music or does it vary from track to track?
I’m usually the most creative in the morning, so I wake up, make some tea and jump on beats before I even wake up fully. I’ll work on one thing for 15 mins then I get bored and jump on the next one. My attention span is ridiculous.

You’re also a DJ. Have you picked up any good vinyl of late? What’s on your decks at the moment?
I haven’t touched my vinyl in a little while, then my friend came over for a spin and we digged up some old DMZ shit. My last purchase was freshly pressed Bangclap produced by my friend Impey.

Is modelling something you enjoy or do you simply see it as a job?
That really depends on the type of shoot I’m doing. I can’t stand doing girly e-commerce shit, but then I love working for streetwear brands or general creative projects with young people, where you can really just be yourself. I also really enjoy doing editorials.

Have you worked on any good campaigns/editorials lately?
Yeah man, cool things keep popping up. Like the Patta lookbook a little while ago, work for Adidas and a shoot with Grind London crew for their summer collection.

Do you find it hard to balance your time between all of your pursuits? Your music production, your DJing, your modelling and also your artwork?
The thing that ate the most time was probably going to college and traveling to work, but apart from that it’s all bless. I’m on my break now so ain’t gotta think about it much, but being with Anti Agency has let me be a lot more flexible, which I’m very thankful for.

Where do you see yourself in five years’ time?
In space.

Check out Sara’s brand new track below. You can keep up with Sara on Twitter and by following her modelling page on Facebook.


bobby townsend


Interview by Bobby Townsend.