Caitlin Park live in Sydney

Caitlin Park live in Sydney

Sydney-based singer/songwriter Caitlin Park played at Newtown’s Vanguard last week. We sent Damon Collum along:

I first caught Caitlin Park playing at Jurassic Lounge in Sydney last year as a happy accident. I found myself entranced by her vocals and clever use of soundscapes. I loved every minute and, like a lot of events I shoot where I lose myself, my camera landed comfortably in my lap, as I was more interested in being a part of the audience than an observer. I never forgot that first glimpse.

Her show at the Vanguard last Friday – where she performed songs from her latest album The Sleeper and her new EP, To Breathe You Out – was every part of that earlier experience but with a greater sound and accompanied by a perfect selection of back-up musicians and vocals. What really works is Caitlin’s grounded personality and, as she snuck in a shot and stood barefoot on stage, it felt like this was a performance by a friend. Throughout, she was as endearing and personable as any performer I’ve come to see. A true local, with a bar job not 100m away from this venue and having a familiarity about her that makes her music so much more approachable, it was clear the crowd was as at home with her as she was with us.

Caitlin Park and JoyrideThe Sleeper is a well crafted album and her songs aptly blend folk and electronica in what is described as ‘folktronica’ – a genre I was unaware of and yet can easily relate to her work. As unique as Caitlin herself, her songs encompass a diverse range of accompaniments and beautiful vocals. Playing with back-up musicians gave a rich embellishment to her work and provided a compliment rather than stealing from her perfectly delivered vocals and own acoustic talents. Her duets were a pleasure, like when Joyride (who had previously rocked the crowd as the night’s support act) joined her on stage for a funky remix. Elsewhere in her set, the more subdued works without the backing musicians saw her vocals create a lullaby world that sent you to a place of dreams. “Now I see, that I’ll have to sleep for a century to breathe you out of me.”

Caitlin Park is a joy to observe and it was a pleasure to share the experience and take the journey of her new work. So much so that the friend I attended the gig with – who did not know of Caitlin’s work previously – had already downloaded her album before the show had finished. Get yourself along to one of her gigs, grab a copy of the album, share with a friend.

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If you are in Sydney then you can catch Caitlin‘s all-ages show at Pigeon Ground on Salisbury Rd, Camperdown on Friday 25th July from 6pm.



Caitlin Park live review and pictures by Damon Collum