What would you spend last $1.20 on?

small change-001

If you’re anything like us, your occupation is hardly the most lucrative. So we were wondering, what would you spend your last $1.20/£1.20 on? We asked our contributors that very question. Here’s what they said:  

For $1.20 I would buy a lighter and charge people 10c per use. Eventually I’d make enough money for a coffee. Jess Matthews

I’d spend my last $1.20 on a small McDonald’s chips ($1). I’d then use these chips to bate and catch seagulls, then use my remaining 20 cents to use Jess Matthews’ lighter and cook them for dinns. Probs stick around to get a sap on her coffee too. Jamhound James Booker

40p – The Sun newspaper… obvs not for reading but for doing the crossword which has both cryptic and quick clues (for budding young cryptic crossworders) and also has boobies on Page Three. 80p – Kinder Bueno. Or… a shot of Sailor Jerry at Bar Salsa in Edinburgh. Sophie Metcalfe

If I was playing myself in a movie I’d spend it on a strip of fabric that could tie around my head so I looked like a gypsy and could try to make money from pretending to read peoples’ palms. Me in reality is not nearly as cool – I’d probably spend it on chocolate or a banana or a bus trip to my parents’ to beg for more money. Hat Cheney 

I’d spend my last £1.20 on bus-fare to my Dad’s – he’s used to bailing me out! This probably highlights the fact that I’ve not been a regular bus user since 2009. Laura Ghafoor 

I’d buy a multipack of McCoys Crisps (2x Ready Salted, 2x Cheese & Onion, 2x Salt & Vinegar) from Poundland. I’d change the remaining 20p into two-pence pieces and play that Tipping Point arcade game on the pier and pretend I’m a tourist/local reprobate.  Bobby Townsend

$1.20 is the perfect amount for a couple of bananas. They’re the ultimate food – yumminess in an uplifting yellow packet. Keely Thurecht

I would spend my last $1.20 on two packets of Zappos, one strawberry, one grape to keep me entertained for an afternoon. but, really, in Sydney $1.20 wont get you squat. Carol Bowditch 

My last £1.20 would be spent on coffee, so I could sit and write and eek the most out of the change. Yes, you can still get a coffee for £1.20 in London. Joe Haddow

A coke bottle with my name on! Kirstie Newman 

$1.20 is hard. If it was just a little more I could buy spaghetti and tomato. So I guess it’s gonna have to be buying (fraudulently) a student bus ticket for $1.10 to get to mum’s house. Or maybe I’d just walk to mums and get a paddle pop on the way. Oliver Heath

What would you spend the last of your small change on? Tell us in the comments section below.