Getting to Know Ed Rome – Interview

ed rome

Multi-instrumentalist Ed Rome creates awesome music which spans Reggae, Ska, Acoustic, World and Blues. We asked him to tell us a little more about himself:

I am a 35-year-old music obsessive. I write albums that I want to listen to on long journeys, concept or not.

“Snapshot” is my seventh solo album and, this time round, is just a collection of songs with no concept tying them together. So for better or worse it’s probably the most accessible my music has ever been. I adore older production and I wanted to reference 60/70’s Jamaican production whilst still making a contemporary album, if possible. I’ll leave up to listeners to decide whether I’ve managed to do that…

My “Snapshot” launch gig will be in front of a mix of trendy London types (and some nice people too) on the 24th July @Gaz’s Rockin Blues, Soho, London. I’ve been very fortunate in the musicians I’ve been able to muster for this gig – Bella Edmunds on Sax, Jim Allan on Drums, Chris Davison on Bass and Jamie Brooks on Keys are all world class (pissheads). It’s a late start so if the band can stay sober enough it should be a cracker.

I spend too much time writing a series of concept albums called ‘Innocent Civilian’ as they offer me great escapism. I’m currently working on Part 5. Apart from that it’s too much time in the studio, the pub, road cycling and despairing of the British political system.

I’m currently listening to (amongst others) Owiny Sigoma Band, Santiago Downbeat Ska Jazz, Stephen Malkmus and The Jicks, Mississippi John Hurt…

It might surprise people to learn that I don’t like playing live that much. I fell out of love a little bit with entertaining people some years ago. Live work has become less and less about music it seems. This will really make people want to come to the launch gig! However I am looking forward to having actual fun playing in such a great five-piece at the launch party.

In the future there’ll be more websites for people to get your music from and more websites for me to login to all day long to check if anyone has downloaded the free tracks I put up that you can’t seem to give away… Ranting aside, I’d be happy to carry on doing exactly what I’m doing now, albums and more albums for more long journeys…


For details of the “Snapshot” album launch show, go here. Keep up to date with Ed Rome on his website or by following him on Facebook

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Interview by Bobby Townsend