Some more things that annoy us

things that annoy

You may recall that we recently asked’s contributors to tell us the things that annoy them way more than they should. Well, it turns out they’re a pretty angry bunch because they’ve already come up with a whole new list:

When you step out onto the street and reach for your iPod, to find that the headphone cable has gnarled itself up into a labyrinth of knots. Especially when you’re running late to catch a bus. Really, I can’t fathom what must go on inside my handbag when I’m not looking sometimes. Chloe Mayne

Those fucking Red Rock Deli chips that claim to be coated in some sort of taste-defining unicorn dust; Hunter Valley Roast Chicken, Lemon & Thyme?Really? Get off your chef infusion high horse. You are just a packet of fucking chicken chips you masquerading asshole. Jess Matthews

Buses arriving too late but mostly when they arrive too early. 8:09 means 8:09 damnit. Melissa Oey

People who get on Wifi for the first time in ages and use the opportunity to upload a million consecutive Instagram posts. Yes I do this too sometimes and I find myself annoying when I do. Bobby Townsend

Tobias sobbing in the showerWhen you’re having a shower in winter and someone else in the house uses hot water, leaving you trapped in a torrent of cold water. Hate that. Damon Collum

People who read over my shoulder. I don’t know why but this drives me insane. I lose focus on what I’m reading and all I can think about is their eyes on my page. I can physically feel their gaze, like two sticks poking me over and over again. Loved ones, friends, strangers – it’s all the same – I want to slap them silly with whatever I’m reading until I know they will never dare read over my shoulder again. Tom Spooner 

When backpackers talk about ‘doing’ a place, rather than ‘going to’ a place. Chloe Mayne

When your dealer with utterly amazing drugs starts fucking your ex-girlfriend and it’s just a little too soon and awkward but you still want to get Jesus Christingly high off his product, but you have to take a stand? “Yeah, I’ll have four of those, two grams of that and those look interesting? Two of them also. No, I’m not concerned with how either of you are. And give me mates rates, pal”. Fucker. I only went back four or five times, I swear. And for the sake of the NSA, all of what I’ve just said was sarcastic/completely fictional and my name is Phinnegus Erbunkleby.

Having to justify taking soy with my coffee – not to baristas, they’re a hoot – but with whatever new acquaintance is suddenly shaken down. Lactose intolerance is a thing, for one. I may not technically have it but I could. Melissa Oey

Pre-clip adverts on Youtube. Bobby Townsend

People who stop the song you’re playing before it’s over to show you “their song” Julia Boyle

Using plastic bags to separate every single piece of fruit and vegetable in your shopping basket. Those motherfuckers never open. And, do we really need more shitty plastic bags blowing in the wind and polluting the world? Jess Matthews

The feeling of seatbelt fabric in my hands annoys me greatly. It’s like fingernails on a chalk board. Ruth Hodge

A pie should always come with sauce – free of charge (even dessert pies have a side of cream, custard or ice cream). The only time this is ok is if it’s a fancy gourmet thing that is satisfying to eat with only its own gravy but then it better be a damn juicy pie… and actually even then complimentary sauce should always be an option. Melissa Oey

People who don’t turn off the beep/click tone on the buttons of their phones. Bobby Townsend

Don’t wet naps make napkins obsolete? Tenley Nordstrom

I guess it’s become a phobia of mine over the years from my work in a technology company, but old people using technology annoys/scares the hell out of me. Especially when they laugh and say “I am not technology savvy”. That’s not funny. That’s a nightmare, sir. Ruth Hodge

The seemingly redundant nature of my CD collection. I can’t help the little feeling of frustration in my stomach when I see them lined up so innocently on my shelf. I imagine it as similar to when your child becomes a checkout chick instead of a doctor or something: sure, I love you guys, but why couldn’t you just be vinyl? Chloe Mayne

When you really need to pee and you go to the toilet at work and there’s a mess like a blind monkey had used it before you but all other cubicles are in use. When you leave, someone is waiting to go in after you and you know they are going to think it was you who messed the place up. Damon Collum

People that rush onto trains and planes to hurriedly take their seats when they are about to be sitting for the next six hours. I don’t understand? Isn’t it better to conserve your sitting ability by standing and using your legs for as long as possible? And why does your self-determined need to rush make it okay for you to steamroll over everyone else as you bustle past? Jess Matthews

My mum hates when I take more than two seconds to answer a question. “Hang on, I’ll just go wash the car and you can let me know your answer on whether you’d like some tea when I’m done.” – Classic Judy. She also gets really fired up when people press keyboards too heavily. She believes that you are thrashing and harming the device. She’s adorable. Ruth Hodge

People talking/eating loudly/playing with their phones in the cinema. No wait, actually, this doesn’t annoy me more than it should. This annoys me the appropriate amount. People are idiots. Bobby Townsend.

And finally, this from Amy Wright: When an article linked on facebook starts with a really interesting title then cuts off halfway – and finding out post-click it’s actually about…

Now that we’ve got that off our chests, we wanna know what grinds your gears more than it should. Tell us in the comments section below. For more grumpy social commentary like this, check out our HOW TO section.