Interview: Jared Cohn on Buddy Hutchins

We talk to writer/director/actor Jared Cohn (pictured, below) about his new movie, Buddy Hutchins, which stars a particularly unhinged Jamie Kennedy and a chainsaw:

Hey Jared! How did the idea for Buddy Hutchins come about?
Buddy Hutchins was inspired by an actual person I knew very well. I exaggerated the situation and combined certain events and situations but the main character was based on a real guy I knew.

What did you use for inspiration when you were writing it? Were there any specific films/books? Falling Down springs to mind…
Falling Down is a great movie, I definitely used that concept as a theme that drove the story. When a man’s world crumples around him there’s only so much action he can take. In this case, I thought violence was necessary to make him snap. What inspires me now changes on a daily basis, and what I write these days and want to write depends on the situation. If I’m commissioned to write something for a location or if I’m writing a action movie, with no regard for budget concerns, on spec… ideally you want to be paid to write or write something that you know is going to get made into a movie. However, the most creatively free stuff comes from your mind without any regard. Hopefully I will get to that place soon. Where I can write freely and have the resources to shoot the script.

How did Jamie Kennedy become involved in the project? Did you write it with him in mind?
I’ve known Jamie for some time, so when the movie gained some traction he was the obvious choice to play the lead. I think with his comedic sensibilities and also the fact that he is an excellent dramatic actor, it was an easy choice for all of us. He brought his A-game and really did a stellar job with his performance. I met him while I was shooting behind the scenes video for a movie he was in.

How was it working with him? Was he fun to be around on set?
Jamie is a cool guy. He and I had some fun on set and he really also got himself into the character. I respected his method, he is a method actor so I allowed him the freedom to have a creative space that he can play in. He really has a solid grasp on himself and his acting that worked really well for the character.

Jared Cohn.50 PMDid we spot you making a little cameo in the film? Do you enjoy being in front of the camera or do you prefer being behind it?
Yes! I was the pizza delivery guy. I enjoy acting and I enjoy directing. They are both very creative jobs that are fun. Acting vs. directing. Better to be in that boat then actor vs. insurance agent or director vs. cab driver. Not that I have anything against insurance agents or cab drivers, I just like making movies.

When and where can people see Buddy Hutchins?
Hopefully soon! Stay tuned! Sometime early 2015 I think..

What else have you got lined-up this year?
I got a awesome movie I starred in, shot on 35mm, where I acted in – played the lead, called FEED THE DEVIL. Check out I got School’s Out coming out, we had Nick Swardson, Eric Roberts, Jason London, Kayden Kross and Ron Jeremy in that. I got a little indie I did called Wishing For A Dream that I directed, and I also acted in a cool comedy called They Want Dick Dickster. And I am about to direct a really cool sexy movie for The Asylum (one of the greatest companies ever). And then after that I am doing a very cool action-horror that we are casting right now. Plus I got some other stuff in the works… staying as busy as I can with some cool projects and working on getting some bigger stuff going as well that hopefully will come together soon.

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Interview by Bobby Townsend