Music Interview: LOLO BX are Too Curious

lolo bx

Carol Bowditch chats to the strangely-named hip-hop outfit about music-making and living in gold-bountiful Bathurst. 

How did you come up with the name? Why fuse a Dre reference with an Australian city name?
We were originally set on just LOLO. Dr Dre’s 2001 is one of the best Hiphop albums of all time and we started out producing Hiphop together back in the day, so it seemed fitting to take a name from that record. Turns out Lolo was taken, so we added the local abbreviation of our home town for copyright and swag purposes.

How would you describe your sound in five easily digestible words?
Happy electronica splashed with Hiphop.

The only times I’ve spent in Bathurst, your hometown and place of work, I have been begrudgingly dragged around on a school trip. What’s fun to do around town?
Oh really? Haha, what did you do? Go gold panning at Mount Panorama? Annie’s Ice Cream provides some sweet treats. We also have a skatepark, BMX track, about a thousand pubs and two Woolworths to loiter in front of. No it’s really not that bad.

That is exactly what I did! I have the disappointing cylinder of gold scrapings to show for it. Anyway, speaking of gold, how might a young gun break it in the ever-increasing world of music production? What are the tools of your trade?
If anyone finds out let us know! We’re just keeping our heads down and grinding out as much music as we can. We’ve just been steadily building our catalogue and have been lucky enough to have gathered some listeners along the way. That said, we put a lot of work into doing our own art/promo/marketing etc. Building lists, making friends through collabs, and playing any show we could get. That helped us come across as a balanced brand and caught the attention of our (now) manager James. Now he’s on board we have more time to focus on the music. I guess people just need to embrace the power of the internet and build something themselves, rather than waiting for a label to come along and build it for them.

We produce with Logic Pro and a few trusty plug-ins. We have an assortment of keyboards, synths, guitars, MPD’s, APC’s and mics floating around which we dabble with here and there. We’re currently developing a live Ableton show, which is a bit of work considering it’s not our native work station, but it’s a lot of fun!

What are your plans for the remainder of the year?
We’ve got Too Curious officially dropping this week, and a few related surprises over the coming weeks so look out 😉

We also have a heap of collabs to finish up over the coming weeks/months, we’re working with some killer vocalists so we’re excited to get those done. We’re also working on the live show in time for Spring when we plan to hit the road for some shows!

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Interview by Carol Bowditch