Bear’s Den, Elysium – Music Video

Do yourself a favour and take four minutes out of your day to watch this stunningly emotional and powerful video from London-based trio Bear’s Den. Photographer and videographer Marcus Haney intended to capture friends of his younger brother navigating through their youth and early college days, but after filming the group doing stick-n-pokes and partying for a few days, they experienced a terrible tragedy when a gunman shot four students, including a close friend of theirs.

Marcus says that his brother’s friends decided to keep filming. The clip therefore records “…real friends, real teenagers, experiencing something far too real.” There are no actors involved in the video. Events are portrayed as they happened.

Bear’s Den are Andrew Davie (guitar, vocals), Joey Haynes (guitar), and Kev Jones (drums, bass). Since forming in 2012, the trio have built a strong fanbase through their live shows and a DIY aesthetic that originally saw them self-fund tours and sell hand-printed CDs direct to fans at gigs.

Since then they have appeared at Mumford & Sons’ Summer Stampede in front of a 60,000 people. In the US, the band played support tours with Mumford and Sons and Daughter and festival shows on the Gentlemen Of The Road Stopover Tour in both the US and Canada. And in Australia they won fans last year when opening for Matt Corby on his national tour.

So check out their moving, emotional and beautifully filmed clip above.

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