Father’s Day double giveaway

Hey Australian friends, pretty soon you’ll need to give some consideration to purchasing the perfect Father’s Day gift. And by perfect we of course mean something that looks awesome, thoughtful and expensive but that falls within your budget of ten dollars.

Wellllll, we might just be able to help you out because we’re giving away a couple of ace items that your old man would dig, and that won’t cost you a penny. Alternatively, if you are a bad person, you can just enter the giveaway and then keep the prize for yourself. Read on for your chance to get your hands on either a Sphero prize pack or a Spice Tailor prize pack.

Sphero is a good way to release your Dad’s inner child again, should it need releasing. As you can see from the above video, Sphero is a robotic ball gaming device system that you control with a tilt, touch, or swing from your smartphone or tablet. Sphero interacts with mobile apps, giving you new ways to test your skills, play games with friends, and more. A Bluetooth connection makes Sphero ready to play as fast as you can launch an app and has single or multi-player games. Find out more at the Sphero website.

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Rather's Day - The Spice Tailor

If a Sphero doesn’t float your Dad’s boat, then how about something from The Spice Tailor? Anjum Anand is a celebrity chef, heralded as the Nigella Lawson of Indian cooking in Aus and in the UK and we’ve got a Spice Tailor gift pack to give away, containing Anjum’s new cookbook, Quick & Easy Indian, as well as three sauces from her range, which are held exclusively in Coles throughout Australia. Whether your pops is a hardened carnivore or a lover of vegetables, the sauces work really well with a whole range of proteins and veggies. See more at The Spice Tailor website.

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Father’s Day takes place in Australia on Sunday, September 7, by the way.