Grimes, Go, featuring Blood Diamonds

Who doesn’t love Grimes? People who are wrong, that’s who. Everyone else (people with ears/brains/taste/hearts) will be excited that Claire Boucher has just dropped an awesome new video for recent release, Go, that she wrote/recorded with Blood Diamonds.

When unleashing the clip, she said, “In the spirit of collaboration, it was co-directed by myself and my brother Mac. Mac and I are also joining forces as the director duo Roco-Prime haha. It’s a bit of a weird name but it seems more reasonable to have an alias than to just be ‘Claire and Mac’.”

She went on to explain the video’s concept as, “a sci-fi homage to Dante’s inferno. In the inferno, people’s actions in life echo eternally. Mike (Virgil) and I (Dante) wander through the circles of hell. It’s not a traditional hell, it kind of reflects stuff that’s going on today. We shot a bunch at the Salton Sea which is basically an apocalyptic wasteland filled with dead fish because of human carelessness, a hallway of bullet holes a la korn freak on a leash etc. If you look closely you can find clues. Haha, but in the usual fashion it is also abstract enough to just be a trippy visual accompaniment to the song. The video also features voice acting by the amazing David Hayter. My work has been super inspired by Xmen and the metal gear games lately, so I was very honoured to have him read the opening lines of the inferno.”

So now you know.

Oh, and Grimes, Go ft. Blood Diamonds comes with the instruction to experience it with headphones, on or on a good sound system, because “the bass is key.”