Music: Jack Colwell – Seek The Wilde


With great pleasure we bring to your ears the newest song from remarkable Sydney-based singer/songwriter and contributor to this very website, Jack Colwell. Carol Bowditch reviews her colleague…

Jack’s newest release has the feel of Karen O and The Kids’ singalong numbers that were awarded for their beauty in the film, Where The Wild Things Are. This song however, has nothing to do with furry monsters of the wild, but rather Oscar Wilde. It’s a joyful affair. Jack’s baritone vocals are warming and the sound is deepened thanks to a myriad of backing instruments and accompanying choir joining the celebratory sounds at the chorus.

The classically trained musician borrows from baroque but remains faithful to his pop desires within Seek The Wilde, through use of a punchy chorus line, galloping harpsichord melodies and whimsical flute solo interludes. As much as I enjoy listening to the joyful number, I can’t stop the memories flooding back to me of mashing my keyboard during unenthusiastic piano lessons in the harpsichord effect when I hear this tune. Thanks for that, Jack.

Seek The Wilde follows on from the super successful Far From View, which Jack created with Ella Hooper (yes, ex-Killing Heidi). Jack was also responsible as the string coordinator and throwing serious shapes/glowsticks at The Avalanches – Since I Left You gig earlier this year. Can he please stop doing exciting side-projects and release an LP? We think yes…



Words by Carol Bowditch.