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This time last year, was nominated for a 2013 Pedestrian Blogster Award. It was flattering but we presumed we were merely making up the numbers. Our Editor Bobby was overseas for the ceremony, so sent contributor Elfy Scott in his place. “I’m just chuffed to be nominated. We’ve got no chance of winning,”  he told her when she had enquired as to whether she should prepare a speech.

From the ceremony, Elfy (pictured below) emailed Bobby. Her email read: ““BOBBY WE WON A FUCKING AWARD. You’ll be glad to hear I started screaming at the crowd like a UFC champion when it happened and my interview is gonna be some gushing gibberish. I hope I wont embarrass you too much.”

Elfy's Speech.43 PMWell, this year, we’re super proud to be nominated again for a Pedestrian Blogster Award. And we’d love you to throw a little support our way. If you dig what we do, then please vote for us.

And what is it that we do? Well, we bring you awesome content every day. We’re not just an just an aggregate of other things going on around the internet. We’re not interested in clickbait. We come up with unique words and pictures that focus as much on the people you’ve never heard of as those that you have. We’re a site that doesn’t care about celebrity culture and only cares about talent and interesting shit. We give a platform and a voice-piece to up-n-coming creatives and we’re very proud of them all.

So, we hope we’re worthy of your support. If you want to vote for us, it will literally take you two seconds. All you need to do is follow this link and, once there, click the “Like” part where it says “Vote Now For Your Fave Blog”.

Thanks so much for your continued support. We appreciate you reading our words and viewing our images. After all, without you, there wouldn’t be much point to any of what we do.

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