New Music: Noire – Those Days

noire’s Carol Bowditch checks out Sydney-based outfit NOIRE:

With pretty female vocals that flirt with lines like, “I woke up with you on my mind/But yes, I guess I woke up and changed my mind,” NOIRE may have delivered your new favourite song. The cleanly produced song that was assisted by Wayne Connolly (producer of ditties by Silverchair, Youth Group and The Vines) is littered with dancing melodies that bounce across a synth in a very pleasant manner. For an outfit that was conceived and has created two tracks simply within the space of 2014  we are impressed to see them grow from the beauty fed to our ears in Those Days.

If you’re keen to see them play and you’re lucky enough to live in Sydney  (it’s so mild at the moment!), swing by the Surry Hills festival on Saturday 27th September. NOIRE are playing on the Velvet Cave Stage (in good company) with set times to be confirmed. Failing that, you can listen to and download Those Days below.


Words by Carol Bowditch.