ODESZA, In Return – Album Review


Seattle-based electronic duo ODESZA are back with their sophomore album, In Return. It’s been two years since their debut release Summer’s Gone, but summer is definitely back, alive and kicking with their latest offering.

From start to finish, In Return exudes a certain summery smoothness that distinguishes ODESZA from the likes of most popular dance music out there. For this reason, it is bound to turn heads.

The album is a starry-eyed dream with textured sounds of synth, celestial beats and exotic twists. To lay an extra card of quality on the table, the pair Harrison Mills and Clayton Knight have teamed up with the vocal delights of Zyra, Madelyn Grant, Shy Girls and Py, to name a few. It’s a percussive triumph, layered with xylophone, chimes, choir vocals and harp strings which blend seamlessly together alongside the glitchy samples and ambient effects.

In Return is a collection of atmospheric variation. It presents poppy, dance-worthy tracks such as ‘Say My Name’ and ‘Sun Models’, which will undoubtedly grace many-a party playlist this summer. Traces of RnB can be detected in ‘All We Need’, ‘Kusanagi’ is a sensation of psychedelic bliss, and the Eastern influences oozing out of ‘Sundara’ are utterly enchanting.

It’s freakin’ fantastic.



Review by Liana Gow-Killingbeck. “In Return” is out now.