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Wax Witches, the sci-fi-punk solo project of Bleeding Knees Club frontman Alex Wall, is in the midst of an extensive Australian tour in support of his new longplayer “Centre Of Your Universe”. Julia Boyle finds out more:

Hi Alex. You say in some interviews that Wax Witches is your alter-ego. What are the differences between Alex Wall and Wax Witches?
Wax Witches is kinda this confident loud guy that seems to have fallen out of the sky to take over the planet. Where Alex is really just a quiet guy who hangs out with himself and dreams about being the Wax Witch.

I read that you started making music while the scene in your hometown was practically non-existent. Did that make it harder for you to stay motivated to get your stuff out there? If so, what did you do to keep up the drive?
No not at all, it made it easier. Nothing motivates me more then when everything around me kinda sucks. And because no-one around us was doing what we were doing, we stood out a lot which made it easy to get attention. We were really just sick of electronic music and our motivation was to rebel against that whole scene.

Highschool: Please share your most awkward or your best moment.
The best moment of high school was this time me and my friend put up all these garage sale signs up that pointed to our teacher’s house. We said she had mad deals on iPods, and a cool motorbike for sale and stuff. Heaps of bargain hunters rocked up real early to her house and were ringing her door bell asking to buy stuff. That was a good time!

New York seems a bit surprising as a choice for a new hometown since you’re on Burger Records and also because your music has such a West Coast vibe (to me). Why did you set up shop in NYC and not somewhere in California?
I kinda agree. I really loved New York at first, but I’m starting to feel like I want to go to LA. Only problem is I’m just not good at “chilling” and LA seems a bit too chill for me. New York is fast-paced and intense which keeps me motivated. But I think once I get everything sorted I’ll probably move to Cali. There is way more good music going on in Cali at the moment too.

If you had to decide which of the following two things had to go from Planet Earth, would it be pizza or Burger Records? And putting the other one somewhere in the Centre Of Your Universe doesn’t count.
I wouldn’t get rid of pizza, I love it. But I think it would be cool to see everyone freak out if pizza just vanished from the planet. Tumblr would probably shut down.

wax_witches_-_centre_of_your_universe_cover__sm_4In all honesty, did you ever get turned on by the picture of you on the Centre Of Your Universe cover? No judgement, it’s some seriously hot stuff.
I’m glad you think its hot. I think it’s hot. My internet bill has gone down heaps cause I don’t need to watch porn anymore. I just bat off over myself.

Finally, what’s your opinion on “rockstar idolisation/cult” (since you cover the matter on a couple of tracks)?
I think cults are cool. I would love to start a cult. It’s actually my dream. I would be a good leader. But I HATE people who idolize retarded rock stars and famous people. Most people in bands are idiots. Idolizing a song or the music is cool. But the last thing a lot of these band idiots need is bigger egos and people trying to live like them. Just create your own vibe.

You can catch Wax Witches at the following Australian venues:

Thurs 18th Sept ~ MELBOURNE ~ Shebeen (w/- Northeast Party House)
Fri 19th Sept ~ MELBOURNE ~ Ding Dong Lounge (w/- Northeast Party House)
Sat 20th Sept ~ MELBOURNE ~ Northcote Social Club (w/- Northeast Party House) * SOLD OUT *
Sun 21st Sept ~ MELBOURNE ~ The Gasometer, Collingwood (w/- Northeast Party House) (U18’s – 2:30pm)
Sun 21st Sept ~ MELBOURNE ~ The Gasometer, Collingwood (w/- Northeast Party House) (18+ – 7:30pm)
Wed 24th Sept ~ SYDNEY ~ Beach Road Hotel, Bondi
Thurs 25th Sept ~ SYDNEY ~ Hotel Steyne, Manly
Sat 27th Sept ~ WOLLONGONG ~ Rad
Sun 28th Sept ~ SYDNEY ~ Sounds Of The Suburbs Festival, Cronulla
Fri 3rd Oct ~ SYDNEY ~ GoodGod Small Club (w/- Northeast Party House)
Sat 4th Oct ~ BRISBANE ~ Alhambra Lounge, Fortitude Valley (w/- Northeast Party House)
Sun 5th Oct ~ GOLD COAST ~ Sounds Of Sunday, Broadbeach
Fri 10th Oct ~ MELBOURNE ~ Cherry Bar
Sat 11th Oct ~ ADELAIDE ~ Uni Bar (w/- Crooked Colours + Northeast Party House)

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Inteview by Julia Boyle