Music interview: Getting to Know Claire


Munich-based five-piece Claire are hitting up London tonight and Saturday. We get the lowdown on them… 

Claire are Nepi, Messel, Flo, Fridl and Josie. We started off doing music together at the beginning of 2012. At first it was actually just for one song but then we couldn’t stop and so three years later we have an album out and spend most of the time driving around being happy to have played our first own shows and great festivals.

The Great Escape is our debut album. We spent intense six months in the studio. As we are all very different, and also listening to all sorts of different music from pop, indie to electronic music and hip hop, we tried to find the sound that brings us all together.

Our upcoming London shows will be the last shows for us this year. So we are looking forward to being on stage and taking good memories with us into the winter. We are going back to the studio and working on some new stuff.

Munich is home. The most people think about Berlin if they have the German music scene in mind. Munich is definitely a bit more quiet, but that is what we like about it, it’s cosy. There’s not always something to miss out, but still there is loads you can get up to. Having our friends and family around is also something very important for us. They are a part of “Claire”. If it’s the brothers of Messel doing the artwork and website or Christoph Schaller, Flo’s Kindergarden friend doing our videos, without them we wouldn’t have been able to start the band so we love having them around. That’s Munich for us <3

We spend too much time hanging in front of our laptops and searching for new stuff that inspires us. We exchange a lot of music because we are listening to totally different stuff. It’s great finding new things that trigger your own motivation, things you wouldn’t have discovered on your own.

We’re currently listening to Lil Silva- “First Mark”. We’re sitting in the Van driving to London and this is the perfect time to listen through the Facebook group we have with our friends the rules of this group are: “no cats, no bullshit, just your music”.

It might surprise people to learn that if you just eat celery you starve.

Claire return to the UK for two special London shows- Sep 24th at Oslo and Sep 26th at Koko London. Details on Facebook.



Interview by Bobby Townsend