Lisa Mitchell, Wah Ha – Music video

lisa mitchell

Your Thusday is about to get 100 percent lovelier with this beautiful new offering from Lisa Mitchell…

“Do you ever get tired of having to be OK all of the time?” the Australia-based singer/songwriter  asks us. “I sure do. Here’s to them feels.”

Hurriedly scrawled upon the back of a receipt during a summer break with her family, Mitchell’s new tune ‘Wah Ha’ started life as a rebellion against the pressure to always feel ‘OK’ and has developed into the beautiful ditty you hear below. It sounds dreamy, French, 1960s, and, as if acting to exorcise these ill-feelings as she sings about them, the tune is lighter than air. Allow it to waft through your ears and into your heart and, trust us, your day will instantly get better.

Excitingly, the song is a teaser to an new longplayer too. “Releasing ‘Wah Ha’ makes me feel a bit like ET reaching his finger out into the abyss, hoping to find another…” Lisa heads to London to do some warm up shows in November, then she’ll head to country Victoria to record her third album for release in 2015.

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