The Blurst of Times is coming

Brisbane/Melbourne/Sydney, are you ready to fuckin party? Yes? Good because The Blurst of Times, a boutique garage, alternative, punk and indie festival, is coming your way. Soon. Like, really soon.

Whether you’re keen to catch Blank Realm Falling Down The Stairs, again, The Creases making all the cute girls swoon with their bob haircuts and indie pop sensibilities or The UV Race being blokey and burning cats (awh) it’s sure to be a cool day. With each city boasting a proper ripper lineup showcasing the best of the new and old faces that are circulating in the local scenes, these promise to be MASSIVE days of live music. So don’t miss out because it will be the best of times.

The Blurst of Times, now in it’s second year, heads to Brisbane this Saturday and then on to Melbs on Sunday. The bands then have a week to clear their hangovers before they hit up Sydney on the 25th. Full line-up details are below and you can buy your tickets here.

Blurst of Timesblurst Sydney