Interview: Caitlin Park reels them in

caitlin park uk tour

Sydney-based singer/songwriter Caitlin Park is making a long-awaited return to the UK soon. We find out more…

Hello Caitlin! So you’re heading over to the UK to play a bunch of shows in November/December. Firstly, we have to ask, are you mentally prepared for the cold/wet of an English winter?
I am slowly mentally preparing myself for this cold weather that everyone is warning me of, but I believe I will never be fully physically prepared for it. I really don’t like being cold. But big jackets and thermals will do the trick, I’ve been told! Bring in on!

As well as playing some of your own shows over there (including a headline gig at The Islington on the 17th November), you are also supporting UK singer/songwriter David Ford on his tour around the country. Are you looking forward to the challenge of playing to a foreign audience who might not know much about you?
I’m looking forward to it very much! I really loved playing in the UK last year and I think challenging yourself as a performer in front of a new audience is very thrilling – I hope to meet new people and make new fans.

In what way is it a different discipline to be a supporting artist rather than playing your own shows?
I think it is just as you say above, the challenge is a little greater as support act, not that a headline act shouldn’t work hard. You may write a setlist a little differently however, in these different positions – picking the outstanding tracks as support act is always a good way to get new people’s ears to prick up quickly. You have to capture them and reel them in!

And are we right in thinking you’ll also be joining David onstage during his set and perhaps he will come and sing with you during yours? Because you guys have performed together before, right?
I will be joining Mr Ford yes, and visa versa. We performed together last year at my shows at The Great Escape Festival. But this time around, I’m looking forward to playing in his set and learning his songs. He’s a talented man.

Presumably though, for much of the time – and with your own headline gigs – you’ll be playing solo? Will this feel odd, as you often perform with a band these days?
I think it will feel like home. For so many years as a performer I played solo, I feel very in control when I play by myself, for obvious reasons – I am the writer of these songs – but also not being worried about other people around you. Gosh I love playing with a band, but I am very much looking forward to doing it alone on this tour.

Talking of performing with a band – and of being a support act – we were at a couple of your recent shows with Courtney Barnett in Sydney. You and your band absolutely killed it! Were they fun shows to play?
We had so much fun with Courtney Barnett! For a little while there I was really down on performing and not really looking forward to it, but these CB shows changed all that. Honestly, if I could do that every night, I would.

What are you most looking forward to about heading to the UK and what will you most miss about home?
I am most looking forward to the adventure! New experiences for new writing, seeing old friends, meeting new people, going to new places (I’ve never been to Glasgow before). As for home, I will miss my dog and the sunshine most.

Tell us about your plans for 2015. Any tours lined up? Have you started thinking about another release yet?
I have started to think about next year in a serious way. Hopefully I am not far off new releases and whispers of tours have already begun!

Before Caitlin heads to Blighty, she is playing a show in Sydney at Newtown Social Club this Saturday, 25th October. Grab a ticket and bid her bon voyage!

If you are in the UK, you can see Caitlin at the following venues (potentially more shows to be announced too, so stay tuned):

Monday 17 November
The Islington || London

Friday-Sunday 21-23 November
The End Festival || Crouch End

Friday 28 November (supporting David Ford)
Union Chapel || London

Saturday 29 November (supporting David Ford)
Epic || Norwich

Thursday 4 December (supporting David Ford)
Oran Mor || Glasgow

Friday 5 December (supporting David Ford)
Sage Gateshead || Gateshead

Saturday 6 December (supporting David Ford)
Gorilla || Manchester

Tickets for Caitlin’s shows with David Ford can be found here.



Interview by Bobby Townsend.