Review: King Gizzard & the Lizard Wizard

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Chloe Mayne takes a trip down the psychedelic river of “I’m in your Mind Fuzz”, the latest offering from Melbourne’s slightly-fried sonic sweethearts:

Prolific and endearing gang of theremin-wielding sorcerers King Gizzard & the Lizard Wizard are becoming seasoned in what might appropriately be termed anaerobic music-making. Without pausing for breath after the release of heat-addled microwave masterpiece Oddments in March this year, and the very excellent Float Along – Fill Your Lungs just a pinch before that, they’ve birthed another full-length record. Titled I’m In Your Mind Fuzz, it’s a delicious creation that synthesises all we’ve come to to love from the Gizz.

From its frenetic drum beginning, I’m In Your Mind Fuzz couldn’t be anybody else but our favourite reptilians. Opening track ‘I’m In Your Mind’ is smoothed over by a buttery harmonica which will make multiple and welcome returns throughout the voyage. Overall, the sound’s somehow stripped back a bit from the lush extravagance of Float Along – Fill Your Lungs, but also loosens the reins on the careering psychotics of Oddments. The result is a laid-back, step-to sound that toys with complex hooks in a subtle and clever manner. ‘Cellophane’ is the undisputed highlight, ablaze with guitar licks that push the fretboard to melting and an insistent drumbeat to pull sonic spasms from the neck joints. Even better, this track comes replete with a fantastic 3D video accompaniment from long-time collaborator Jason Gallea.

‘Am I in Heaven?’ begins as somewhat of a surprise; an acoustic singalong suited to the front porch of a forest cabin in the springtime. Before long, however, it characteristically devolves into a howling thrash-pit that rides out seven life-saving minutes of madness. ‘Satan Speeds Up’ is not the eye-rolling death rattle you might expect it to be – rather, it’s a woozy, Vaseline-smeared number that depicts the moment Satan injects heroin and sinks back into his moth-eaten couch, head rolling back in slow-motion ecstasy. Our adventure is brought to a satisfying end with ‘Her and I (Slow Jam II)’ – a gentle, slowly-rollicking track that gives you enough time to slowly inhale and collect your bearings before pressing ‘repeat’.

King Gizzard have been whirling around other hemispheres between records after being awarded the considerable (and much-deserved) financial support of the Carlton Dry Global Music Grant, including a lauded appearance at Austin Psych Fest. After a pair of impressive upcoming bills – Iceland Airwaves and New York’s Terminal 5, with dreamboat captains Mac deMarco and Connan Mockasin – as well as a cheeky UK tour on the side, they’ll be back in Australia in the heat of the summer to play Sugar Mountain. Catch these crazies while you can!

Chloe Mayne


Review by Chloe Mayne