Music Video: Charm of Finches, Home

Upon our travels across the internet we stumbled across a little music video featuring a homemade paper boat, a couple of songbirds and a captivating melody accompanied by a glockenspiel and the soothing sounds of a cello washed upon the shores of a sandy beach in Melbourne.

‘Home’ by folk duo Charm of Finches (aka sisters Mabel and Ivy, aged 14 and 12) is a song of undeniable charm, producing a kind of feeling similar to seeing a baby animal (let’s be honest who doesn’t like baby animals) or holding a seashell to your ear and hearing sounds of the ocean. Adorable.

The music video, directed by Kim Deylen and shot by James Alexander of Zephyr Productions, is completely crowdfunded through the Art Participation Incubator and features animations composed of drawings and paintings were made by kids from the local school the duo attends.

With lyrics filled with imagery and a enchanting clip to accompany, there is an undeniable talent these sisters possess and we are looking forward to great things from them in the future.

You can keep up to date with Charm of Finches on Facebook.



Words by Addy Fong