Windows on Europe Film Festival

Window on Europe

Now in its ninth year, the Windows on Europe Film Festival presents Australia with a smorgasbord of film to consume during the month of November. There are 15 new titles from which to choose, with a wide variety representing the best films from member states of the European Union. It’s just like a Miss Universe Pageant or a Marvel heroes collective. Just so beautiful.

Simply take a short trip to the cinema, much cheaper than a plane ticket, and be enthralled by an undeniable European charm. The program will take you on a journey across Europe, mapping out the many perspectives of life through the eyes of filmmakers who provide audiences with a glimpse of their world on screen.

Windows on Europe is presented by the European Delegation to Australia with support from EU member states and programmed by non-profit company The Festivalists.

“I think festivals should not just be about great cinema, but also fun social events where film lovers can chat about the movie over drinks.” Mathieu Ravier, the festival’s French-Australian programmer tells me, informing me that the screening of both The Irish Pub and Sanctuary comes with a complimentary drink upon arrival. I am so there.

Anchored in the rich tapestry of European cinematic culture, the films are interwoven with carefully considered stories allowing the viewer to immerse themselves in the story long after the credits have shown. This year’s programme brings to light issues of youth, identity and the experience of growing up in Europe amidst tradition, change and modernity.

Windows on Europe takes place at Dendy Cinemas, Sydney and Canberra, one overlooking the Sydney Opera House and the other being Australia’s capital. Both iconic venues, diplomacy has never looked so attractive on screen, especially if the language of love for you is film.

We’ll be there on opening night of the Windows on Europe Film Festival at the screening of Andrea Sedlackova’s FAIR PLAY, a Czech drama following a young woman’s efforts to train as an Olympic sprinter in order to escape from behind the Iron Curtain. Its screening, hosted by H.E. Mr Sem Fabrizi, Ambassador of the European Union to Australia, marks the 25th anniversary of the Velvet Revolution, a non-violent movement which saw the end of communist rule in Czechosolvakia. Windows on Europe will be an iconic event, providing us with, “a fascinating glimpse into the complex realities of European societies today”.

So if you seek adventure but don’t want to leave the comfort of your Sanctuary, then start your journey to the Windows on Europe Film Festival by travelling 10,000km Northwest in order to escape a Land of Storms, stop by The Irish Pub for a pint of Guinness, and finally retire In The Courtyard to hear The Magical Voice of a Rebel sing to you once upon a Concrete Night and enchant your soul.

Windows on Europe Film Festival takes place November 17th – 23rd (Sydney) and November 24th – 30th (Canberra). For more information, visit:



Words by Addy Fong