Getting to Know Matilda Laidlaw


Australian/Swedish model Matilda Laidlaw tells us about travelling, Instagramming, playing AFL and watching Midsummer Murders: 

I am a mix between an Aussie and Swedish teenage girl living on the Northern Beaches. I lived in Stockholm for four years, which I thank my parents a lot for. It created a strong long lasting connection with Sweden. I love the Swedish culture and people. I can’t say I feel more Australian than Swedish or vice versa. I love my Vegemite and the beach, but I love the Swedish food especially my meatballs and IKEA. With my 21-year-old sister still living there it gives us more reason to visit as often as possible.

Matilda LaidlawModelling is very new to me. I’m still learning new things about it everyday. I see that it can open up many new doors and opportunities, including travel. I have grown a lot from modelling and feel as if I’ve been able to step outside of my comfort zone. On occasions like these, I’ve pushed my everyday boundaries, by exploring who I am or who I think I am and what I strive for.

Aside from modelling, I love sports, playing it and watching it. Looking at the AFL on TV with Dad is always a good time. He is constantly yelling at the TV screen sitting on the very edge of the couch. Running is something I also love! Manly on a beautiful Saturday morning is where I like to be, running through the soft sand giving me a burning workout and time to think and reflect.

My family is very precious to me. There is nothing better than having the whole family united squished up on the couch sitting in front of the telly watching a murder mystery, most likely Wallander, Miss Marple or Midsummer Murders. However, it was a long time ago it happened.

Home is where I can wind down and waste a whole day doing nothing, enjoying my own company.

I spend too much time flicking on Instagram before bed, and not being able to fall asleep for another half hour.


I’m currently listening to a lot of Childish Gambino! I Love his new album ‘Kauai’ with all the different sounds smooched into one song. The song ‘Sober’ is my favourite. I have also started following the ‘Swedish pop’ playlist on Spotify that I play often, especially when in the shower.

It might surprise people to learn that I represented NSW/ACT for the under eighteens state AFL girls comp last year. It was a experience I was proud of and will never forget.

I’d like to TRAVEL everywhere. My wanderlust is at a high. I want to explore every nook and cranny the world has to offer. I would feel as if I would be wasting my opportunity to discover its treasures. I’m not yet sure what I want to do after school so I am relying on the journeys ups and downs to help me decide and see things from more than one perspective.

Matilda Laidlaw

Matilda is represented by Vivien’s Model Management. Check her portfolio here and keep up to date with Matilda on Instagram and Tumblr

bobby townsend


Interview by Bobby Townsend.