Little May in Sydney – Live review

Little May in Sydney by Melissa Barrass

Melissa Barrass headed to Newtown last Thursday to review and photograph Winterbourne and Little May:

Thursday night was a first for many things. A severely overdue first time seeing local Sydney trio Little May, a first time at the hip Newtown Social Club, and a first for legitimately forgetting that I had a bottle of unopened cider in my backpack, and subsequently still getting in to said social club.

That’s what honest, innocent mistakes get you. I can promise that this post isn’t going to get any saucier than that bad-ass of an opening. For this time, there are no colourful dramas to report because the Little May gig was exactly how you would expect it to be, mesmerising, harmonious, and voluntarily placid (well maybe except one passionate tipsy fan, you know who you are #littlemaysfourthbandmember).

I arrived just in time to catch the beginning of Winterbourne’s set. The crowd were sprawled across the floor, comfortable as if it were a gig in their own loungeroom. The duo is known for their busking roots around Pitt Street mall in Sydney’s city. I truly enjoyed their set, and even more, their cheap shots on one another upon stage. An intimate gig needs some light bro-humour and Winterbourne not only provided the giggles, but they gave the crowd energetic indie folk that you could throw your head back and forth to with a smile from ear to ear. A positive and uplifting set from a band I had never heard of before.

Winterbourne in Sydney by Melissa BarrassLittle May in Sydney by Melissa Barrass

Passing the beer for bottled water, Little May are very serious about giving a perfect performance. Accompanied by their band extras, Annie, Liz and Hannah are soft and subtle performers. They emit a delicate presence on stage, which matches perfectly with their beautiful harmonies and the fine string work from the guitars played by Annie and Liz.

Despite obvious physical differences, Little May could pass off as a sister trio – there is a special musical bond between them. I feel a little forward saying this as this was my first time seeing them play live, but they gel so well together, as if they’re in a constant state of focus, always in sync. If you thought these girls could sing well through your speakers, please do yourself a favour and head to a gig.

The all-girl band played their earlier hits ‘Boardwalks’, ‘Hide’ and their latest song ‘Dust’ which are (believe it or not) more magnificent live. However, it’s always that unreleased track that I seem to take to at gigs. Luckily, due to my position close to the front of stage, I managed to take a snap of the set-list to find the song title ‘Remind Me’. Sadly, I can only remember it grabbing my attention for its dark qualities. Lyrically or instrumentally, I cannot be too sure what about it was so dark and haunting, but it’s always those types of songs that gets to me.

Overall the Little May gig turned out to be a great night. The sound was fantastic, the support band Winterbourne now has a new Facebook follower (hello), and Little May were simply atmospherically and harmoniously beautiful.

Make sure you don’t miss Little May when they’re back in town.

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Review and photos by Melissa Barrass.