Music interview: Getting To Know Low Lux

Low Lux by Lydnsay Noyes

Sydney-based Low Lux are comprised of some familiar faces, including members of the highly-acclaimed Bridezilla and Post Paint. We asked Daisy Tulley from the band to tell us a bit more: 

Low Lux is Daisy’s solo music growing fast into a passionate full-band project.

We recently recorded some songs and they are just recordings right now. We don’t know if a single, EP or label interest will come out them but for now we are just making the tracks the best they can be.

Sydney is our home and heart. Inner west is best.

You should come and see us play live because we are still getting to know each other. That’s when things are unpredictable, fragile and special.

We spend too much time doing our full time jobs. From Designer at Dinosaur Designers, Vivid Festival producer, Film engineer/Producer, an Artist to a Naturopath. We are busy but Low Lux makes us happy.

We’re currently listening to… our half mixed recordings over and over and over again.

It might surprise people to learn that we have all nearly done a decade in the music business and still want to give another band a red hot go.

We’d like to hide joints in [keyboarist/guitarist] Ali’s fro.

Low Lux full band shot by Max Berry

Low Lux are aiming to release a single in the very near future, and will have some more live shows soon too. You can/should follow Low Lux on Facebook to stay up to date. 

In the meantime, here’s a Low Lux demo to whet your appetite…

bobby townsend


Interview by Bobby Townsend. For photo credits click the pictures.