Something You Said’s year in Fashion


To kick-off our reviews of 2014, Liana Gow-Killingbeck considers the last twelve months in fashion. The good, the bad, and the “downright frustrating bullshit”: 

It’s been an infuriating year for me when looking back at 2014 and its major fashion moments. Though there have been some standout collections, fantastic events and innovative ideas, there has also been some downright frustrating bullshit going on, and it’s made myself, as well as many avid fashion lovers, MAD.

To write an accurate summary on fashion in 2014, it’s hard to avoid that dreaded and tacky subject that is The Kardashians.

The. Fucking. Kardashians.

Everywhere you turn you are sure to find an article, a photo, a Tweet or a hashtag, referring to one of these attention-seeking women who are polluting the image of fashion as we know it. Their photos are being drilled in mainstream fashion media. Vogue, Harpers, ELLE,, Cosmopolitan… you name it. There’s been article after article about Kim’s wedding or naked, slimy buttocks, Kourtney’s pregnancy style, Kylie’s lip injections and Kendall’s rise to ‘top model’ status. It’s sort of expected that these shiny publications spam the crap out of the family, but the truly saddening thing is, it’s not just them anymore.

Dazed and Confused, a slightly more interesting and unique publication that usually steers clear from trashy nonsense, recently appointed Kendall Jenner as their cover star and claimed her to be “changing the face of fashion”.

Please excuse me while I vomit.

The only thing that Kendall Jenner is doing to change the face of fashion is to cheapen it.

Marc Jacobs, Karl Lagerfeld at Chanel, Olivier Rousteing at Balmain, beauty company giant Estee Lauder, and the Kanye puppet himself, Ricardo Tisci, have all jumped on the Kardashian bandwagon and what for? Publicity of course. Fuck sophistication, who needs class anymore right? Any publicity is good publicity in the year 2014.

Ewwww. Anyway, moving on…


This year has also seen the rise of the fashion blogger. You could almost call Australia the premier blogging nation, as pretty much all the blogging big guns call the land Down Under home. Oracle Fox, Shine By Three, Zanita, Tuula, Harper and Harley, Kate Waterhouse, Gary Pepper, Chronicles of Her… the list goes on and on. They now even have their own TV show! They’re flown all over the globe in fancy, free threads, creating beautiful images, writing sponsored stories, living perfect lives and stirring a strong dose of jealousy among those of us who still have to pay for our own clothing.

The fashion bloggers have come a long way since their early days of modest outfits, honest judgements and average photography standards. They now produce high quality images and truly beautiful fashion spreads where things are stylised to a tee. Yes, their sincere opinions may have transformed into publicity stunt ‘puff’ pieces, and their vanity levels do appear to be bursting through the roof… but you can’t deny that their creative direction skills aren’t top quality and that they aren’t killing it, ’cause they damn well are. Anything these ladies have to say, the world at large sits up and listens to.

Why? Well, because otherwise they’ll set their army of followers on you, of course.


In other news, ethereal beauty and noughties supermodel Gemma Ward caused quite a stir earlier this year, returning to the catwalk after a six-year hiatus. Opening for Prada’s SS15 collection, her runway look was, honestly, pretty darn prosaic. However, beneath that drab, black jacket, the mere sight of this otherworldly goddess created serious waves of excitement. Since then, Gemma has been cast as the face of the latest Country Road campaign, as well as on the December cover of Vogue Australia.

Now I don’t know about you, but I for one am happy to see the return of the queen.

Collections wise, there have been some real goodies this year. The award to stand out show had to go to Chanel Fall 2014, with Karl Lagerfeld’s next level supermarket collection. The Grand Palais was converted into a chic shopping spectacular, with hundreds of mundane products bearing the Chanel double C stacked in the aisles for the tweed-clad models to peruse. There were Chanel handkerchiefs, potato chips, and there was even a Chanel chainsaw! The set could honestly be compared to a pop art conceptual piece…it was all very Andy Warhol, so of course it was a hit.


Other noteworthy mentions go to Viktor & Rolf’s fuzzy-ballerina Spring Couture show, Alexander McQueen’s magical Fall collection, Maison Martin Margiela’s exquisite Fall Couture offering, Rodarte’s mermaid’s, and Chloe’s bohemian bliss for Spring 2015.

I could probably keep on rambling about the ins and outs of fashion in 2014. I could delve into the ridiculous emergence of ‘normcore’, the continuation of the sports luxe trend (will it EVER die?!), the saddening loss of fashion legend Oscar del la Renta, and the kitschy Jeremy Scott and Miley Cyrus collaboration, but I think I’ll wrap it up and save some more ranting for next year.



Words by Liana Gow-Killingbeck. To see more of our 2014 reviews, be sure to follow us on Facebeook.