Interview: Getting to Know Tom Lark

tom lark-001

New Zealand-based indie/pop wunderkind Tom Lark offers unconventional, sweet earcandy. Having just dropped self-produced latest single ‘Something To Tell You’, here he is to tell us something about himself:

I am Tom Lark.

I recorded Something To Tell You in my bedroom along with the rest of my new EP.

New Zealand is a country located at the bottom of the planet earth.

I spend too much time trawling Ebay for cool novelty things i might possibly need in the future.

I am currently listening to The Beastie Boys – on the 5 Boroughs.

It might surprise people to learn that I don’t much like flying, I get really nervous upon landing.

In the future I will be hosting a garage sale to get rid of some of the Internets junk I end up with.

You can keep up to date with Tom on Facebook.