Kayslee Collins pushes boundaries

Kayslee Collins

We recently brought you the latest video from California-born singer/songwriter Kayslee Collins, in which she revisits one of the all-time most controversial/iconic movie scenes. We caught up with her to find out more (you can check out the video at the end of the interview):

Hello Kayslee! Congratulations on your new single, Fearless. It’s great! How did you come up with the idea of recreating that famous Sharon Stone scene for the video?
Honestly, I was sitting on my couch watching Basic Instinct for the first time, and I fell in love. I saw her attitude, sex appeal and badass energy and saw a bit of myself in that character. Also, I had just chopped my hair off, it was really a no-brainer, I had to re-create this iconic moment.

Side note: Since I hadn’t seen the movie, I assume there are a lot of people from my generation that haven’t either. Maybe my video will have people watching it again. I’d like that.

What are your feelings when you send new music out into the world? Are you nervous? Excited? Anticipatory?
A little bit of all of those things, but mostly I’m ready to move on to the next project. I’m never satisfied.

What follows Fearless? Will there be another single? An album?
I have four more singles done by the same producer, and ready to release. But we live in strange times as far as music goes, so you won’t be able to just pick up the CD at Amoeba. I feel like the presentation is just as important as the music itself. You’ll have to just wait and see how we roll it out! If you’re interested, it wouldn’t hurt to follow my SoundCloud and Instagram.

As well as being a singer/songwriter, you are also a renowned model. Is it difficult balancing your time and energy between the two pursuits? Does one career ever impact (either negatively or positively) on the other?
It would be nice to have a clone that I could send out to the modeling jobs. For now I’ll just have to balance. Work is work, and I’m grateful to have it, but in 2015 I’m not going to revolve my life around modeling. Making music is more challenging and fulfilling, so I’m steering myself in that direction.

kayslee collins by jonathan lederTalking of modeling, we saw you recently did some work with Jonathan Leder, for his new A Study in Fetishisms project. We’re big fans of Jonathan. How did this collaboration come about and was it an easy decision to say yes to doing it?
I was in New York and Jonathan contacted me to come shoot in Woodstock. I was a little concerned when I heard the title, haha, but I when talked to John and got a better idea of his vision, I couldn’t turn it down. It turned out really sexy and unique in my opinion!! I’m a huge fan of his work.

A Study in Fetishisms is pretty provocative. You’re also set to appear in Playboy as Miss February 2015. Are you generally a person who likes to push boundaries?
Let me ask you something, if you’re not “provoking” something, what are you doing? Yes, push boundaries, get uncomfortable, color outside the lines.

Otherwise, you might look back and wonder what you could have been. The truth is, I just don’t let myself get bored, and I feel sorry for people that do.

What do you spend too much time doing?
Changing passwords. I dated this guy for a couple months when I was younger, he was sort-of a celebrity. I think his fans think I broke his heart, and there is a hacker among them that is playing out some sort of strange revenge by sabotaging my online accounts. It’s ridiculous. Yes, this was years ago, but I have my reasons for believing this to be true. If you’re reading this, I’m sorry, now stop it!

What do you have planned for 2015?
Well, FIRST, a tropical escape, cell phone off. I’ve been going non-stop this entire year. It’s been awesome and transformative, and everything a year should be, but a girl’s gotta re-charge her batteries. I’m also going to get a dog and probably a convertible 4X4.

You can keep up to date with Kayslee on SoundCloudInstagramFacebook and Twitter.

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Interview by Bobby Townsend.